The Prawnalith: Electronics, Tanks, and Glory

The Prawnalith

My wife and I learned to raise chickens for eggs (mostly) and meat (sometimes), having been inspired by Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin in 2011. She has since gone on to do a lot of research into raising freshwater prawns, and experimented with breeding them in 2018.

At the same time, we took on a minor interest in electronics and created several little utilities related to monitoring temperature and pH for prawns raised in a 200 gallon stock tank, and a 55 gallon aquarium. We also built a simple, wireless device to monitor the temperature and humidity of a local area: the building where we initially kept the tank, or, nowadays, our front yard. We developed a very humble, scrolling LED display that kept us apprised of our data from the comfort of the living room. We tracked the current temperature and pH data so that it could be displayed on a secure web application. And we experimented with viewing long-term charts of the data in grafana, using InfluxDB as a time series database.

Pleasantly Scrolling

Now it's 2020, and we're not currently raising prawns, but the old stock tank is being used as a reservoir to help sustain a small crop of onions in an aquaponics table. Maybe we'll raise some fish?

Regardless of the hobbyist agriculture angle, it's time to revisit the hobbyist electronics treasure trove. It's been too long.

May 21, 2020.