Deepdream is cute. It's fun to play with yesterday's AI advancements.


This is the Deepdream Colab Notebook, it its original location on Seedbank.

The newer version is hosted on AIHub.

It can transform strange things into even stranger artifacts.

It's based on TF 1.x, so you need to make sure you use the old version of the lib before starting your notebook.

%tensorflow_version 1.x


You can then do some transformations.

Waking Image

This input

Dreamy Image

This output had all the default settings for step #4, but we boosted strength to ~500.

An output example

Dreamier Image

This output had further-jiggled settings:

  • Layer: mixed4d_3x3_bottleneck_pre_relu
  • Strength: 500
  • iter_n: 25