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Yoshiki Kurita (right), who was the first amateur to enter the C-League, [a student] in the second year of the Tokyo University of Science, will play against Mochizuki Kenpachi 18-dan (left) in the league's first match on [April] 2nd [...]. The C league has five races in all. If you win 5 consecutive times, you will participate in the challenger decision tournament and if you win 4 times, you will be promoted to the B league.

Thanks to asahi_igo🐦 for this tweet. Text translated with Google Translate.

Agent 57: Outperforming the Human Atari Benchmark (Deepmind)

This article talks about general intelligence as it applies to playing a bunch of Atari games.

American Go Assocation

American Go Assocation has made a lot of information available over a long period of time. Try browsing their Learn to Play page.

Their news column may contain rewarding reading.

Michael Redmond

Even abysmal players stuck with the English language can find some resources budding online.

Take a look at Michael Redmond's Twitter profile🐦 for interesting plays and tips.

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