Fallout Shelter Cheat: 9999 Lunch Boxes

This cheat works for Xbox One and requires Microsoft Windows 10. It was discovered in the Genie Fallout Shelter 9999 Lunch Boxes video.

  • You must be logged into an XBox account shared by both your Windows 10 and Xbox One.
  • You need to download and install Fallout Shelter onto a Windows 10 machine using Microsoft Store. The account must be linked to your Xbox One.
  • Link to %APPDATA% and go up to the local dir (not Roaming), then find e.g. BethesdaSoftworks.FalloutShelter_AAAAkfvn8vvvv\SystemAppData\wgs\000900000CB0BE87_000000000000000000000000DEADBEEF\BEEFBEEFBEEFBEEFBEEFBEEFBEEFBEEF7
  • Use the vault file listed at Genie Fallout Shelter 9999 Lunch Boxes video or access the edited vault file here.
  • Replace one of your games with that vault file.
  • Load the game on your Windows 10 machine, hit save, and wait for Xbox routines in Windows 10 to sync your data.
  • Quit Windows 10 and start Fallout Shelter on your Xbox One. Your file should sync automatically and you should have lots of available lunch boxes.

Please visit Genie's YouTube channel and show some love for their contribution: this is a really fun exploit!